Digital Marketing Case Study: AEROBLU Philippines

Digital Marketing Case Study: AEROBLU Philippines

Aeroblu Philippines is an India-based company that offers affordable, beautiful and comfortable footwear that can be purchased  in leading malls nationwide. Their primary goal is to introduce AEROBLU slippers to all the women across the Philippines by building brand awareness through the online platform.

Social Media Marketing (Facebook organic posting & Facebook paid ads campaign)

Facebook Campaign
Upon launching the official Facebook page of Aeroblu Philippines, LeapOut Digital came up with a way to utilize the platform to keep in touch with the brand’s target customers. Since it’s a new Facebook page, we started by creating content through publishing organic posts containing useful information about the brand and how it is different from the competition.

The first step is to generate useful content so that once the Facebook paid ads campaign started, the target customer can find credibility on the page.

Facebook Organic Post
Before we created the page, we already planned the content to post on the page. Working on the content plan first will help maintain a consistent voice, establish social goals, and familiarize ourselves with the competition.

Digital Creatives

These are the visuals that we are going to use on the digital campaigns including the organic posts and Facebook ads. On our end, we explored different executions by taking professional photographs of all Aeroblu products.

Facebook Paid Ads Campaign
The kind of Facebook ads that suited that brand are Page Likes Ads, Facebook Dark Posts, Organic Boosted Post and Carousel Ads.

  • Page Likes Ads: This is the easiest ad for increasing your page likes. It can be displayed on all placements that include a visible call to action for users to like the page.
    ACTION: By the time we came up with content for organic posts on Facebook, we started generating Facebook Page Likes Ads.
  • Boosted Post: This ad format allows organic Facebook posts to be amplified in order to increase its reach.
    ACTION: LeapOut Digital came up with several types of engaging organic posts to reach prospective customers.
  • Facebook Dark Post: This ad can also be called “unpublished post.” It means it will not appear on the page timeline but it can be shown on a specific targeted location.
    ACTION: Since the slippers are available nationwide, we targeted several specific locations depending on the product’s demand.
  • Carousel Ads: This is an ad format that lets the brand show up to 10 images and/or videos, headlines and links, or calls to action in a single ad unit.
    ACTION: By the time that Aeroblu was made available for online purchase, LeapOut Digital strategically generated this ad to promote and increase online sales.

Community Management
After massive ads placements, we made use of the advantages of having a proper and organized community management. The right ads to the right customer means also having a massive number of inquiries. Community management is about the relationship of the brand and how it seizes opportunities to interact with the community in online spaces. For LeapOut Digital, it is a key part of any social strategy. Managing the social community is a long-term process in order to become a strong brand.

As LeapOut Digital implement those digital strategy, here’s the online presence of Aeroblu Philippines after 6 months:

  • We got approximately 60,000 Facebook likes
  • We are getting an average of 2,000 unique private messages in Facebook per month (Most inquiries are questions about the price and location of the store.)
  • We are getting an average of 200 engagements per organic post and 7,000 average engagements on boosted posts. (This includes post likes, comments and shares.)

What to do next?

Planning the next action can depend on the brand’s challenges that we observed throughout the campaign. For the 6 months of studying Aeroblu’s customer behavior, we noticed the need for having their own online shop for the convenience of the customers. For the next step, we are now in the process of launching the e-commerce website of Aeroblu Philippines as well as doing Search Engine Optimization to increase the site’s appearance in the search engine results.

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