LeapOut Digital Boosts E-commerce in the Philippines with Exclusive Event, Endorsed by Shopify

LeapOut Digital Boosts E-commerce in the Philippines with Exclusive Event, Endorsed by Shopify

LeapOut's Ecommerce Event 2023

Manila, July 15, 2023 – LeapOut Digital, a distinguished Shopify Partner and an industry-leading digital solutions agency, has taken another leap forward in empowering e-commerce growth in the Philippines. The agency recently curated an exclusive, invite-only event at the prestigious Shangri-La Hotel, providing a unique platform for dialogue and partnership building within the country’s fast-paced e-commerce ecosystem.

LeapOut’s event was a powerful testament to its partnership with Shopify, one of the world’s leading e-commerce platforms. Shopify’s recognition of LeapOut Digital as a premier partner in Southeast Asia, a region experiencing explosive e-commerce growth, underscores LeapOut’s reputation as a trusted ally for businesses navigating the digital landscape.

The event brought together the brightest minds in marketing, retail, and e-commerce, fostering a vibrant atmosphere of innovation and strategic insight. Felix Chen, Strategic Partnerships Manager at Shopify, elucidated the untapped potential of Southeast Asia as an e-commerce powerhouse, signaling exciting prospects for businesses in the region. Esther Soo, Partnerships Manager at Dot Digital, unraveled the transformative role of AI in augmenting customer experience and optimizing e-commerce operations.

LeapOut’s own Marvin Ortiz, Co-founder and Managing Partner, further underscored their expertise by sharing an illuminating case study on successful global-to-local e-commerce integration. Ortiz’s presentation showcased LeapOut’s unique capacity to bridge the global and local, offering businesses tangible pathways to success in the digital marketplace.

LeapOut E-commerce event 2023
Some attendees from major Philippine brands engage in keynote sessions at LeapOut Digital's E-commerce Event.

The event received an additional boost with the personal involvement of Bharati Balakrishnan, Country Head of Shopify India and Southeast Asia. Her in-depth interactions and personalized consultations offered attendees a direct window into the strategies and operations that drive successful e-commerce businesses, adding considerable value to the LeapOut partnership.

The day concluded on a high note with an immersive networking session. The combination of an elegant venue, exquisite cuisine, and insightful conversations contributed to an event that was as engaging as it was enlightening.

LeapOut Digital’s dedication to driving e-commerce industry growth is exemplified in its portfolio of globally recognized brands, including Reebok, Chicco, and Sports Central. Their success in building and managing effective Shopify stores for these brands speaks volumes about their capabilities.

This inaugural event marks the beginning of LeapOut Digital’s ongoing commitment to nurturing the e-commerce ecosystem in the Philippines. As the company continues to champion its mission of empowering businesses in the digital landscape, future events are eagerly anticipated.

About LeapOut Digital:
LeapOut Digital, a renowned digital solutions agency and a premier Shopify Partner in the Philippines, excels in creating and managing successful Shopify stores. Their robust partnership with Shopify and their record of working with notable global brands are testament to their pivotal role in catalyzing the e-commerce sector’s impressive growth in Southeast Asia.

Marvin Ortiz
Marvin Ortiz

Marvin Ortiz is a digital entrepreneur with a wealth of experience working with local and international brands as an e-commerce and digital growth expert. He is the Founder and Co-Owner of LeapOut, the Philippines leading E-commerce SEO and Digital Marketing Agency. He loves to read and hit the beach during his free time. You can get in touch with him on Twitter at @marvinortizph.