How Often Should Brands Post On Social Media?

How Often Should Brands Post On Social Media?

Part of establishing your business’ presence online is being present in social media. While you don’t need to be on every social media platform, having an active, engaging presence online can definitely help build your brand. This is why your social media content has to be informative, creative, and highlights what your brand has to offer and what sets it apart from your competitor.

But apart from producing great content, part of social media management also involves knowing the right time and frequency to post. While you may not have considered it before, when and how often you post affects the number of people who see your brand online. Posting at the right time can get you more engagements, clicks, and leads. So how often should you post on your social media accounts? Here are some of our tips.


The general recommendation for brands on Facebook is to one to two posts per day. But while this is a good strategy to maximize clicks and engagement for a Facebook page with at least 10,000 followers, it may not be recommended for pages that have less. The ideal frequency of posting will depend on your goals. If your goal is to get more traffic to your website, posting one to five times a month can actually double the amount of clicks per post.

A study conducted by concluded pages with a small following that post twice a day will result in about 50% fewer clicks per post. Moreover, Hubspot says that publishing posts more than five times a week can actually cause a significant drop in return on investment. For pages with 100 followers, the first two posts on Facebook earn a median of a single click on them. From the 10th post onwards, each post just gets half a click and falls continuously. Therefore, posting two to five times per week is the recommended posting frequency.


A study of 11,000+ tweets from big brands by Social Bakers found that the ideal tweeting frequency also depends on your goals, much like Facebook. If your goal is to get more responses, by all means, tweet. Even tweeting 50 times a day will not affect your page negatively. However, if you want to optimize engagement per tweet, you’re better off tweeting one to five times a day. This is also ideal as it doesn’t take too much time or effort, compared to tweeting up to 50 times.


The recommended posting frequency for LinkedIn is similar to Facebook’s: two to five posts per week. For LinkedIn pages that have at least 100 followers, their first two posts for the week will bring in two clicks each. The 10th post, however, only garners 0.5 clicks. Aside from this, LinkedIn’s algorithm also prevents companies from posting too much to avoid overwhelming users.. For that reason, Hubspot recommends two to five posts per week to get as much clicks and engagement as possible without saturating customers with too much content.


Unlike the social media platforms mentioned, Instagram doesn’t have a recommended posting frequency. Even if you post ten times a day or twenty, it won’t negatively affect your account. What does affect your Instagram is suddenly changing your frequency from several posts a day to only a few times a week. This can cause you to lose followers and get less engagements. So when it comes to Instagram, the key is being consistent with your posting schedule.


Ultimately, the ideal frequency of posting per platform largely depends on your goals and how each social media platform’s algorithm works. While there will never be a definitive consensus on how often you should post for every social media platform, the recommendations above can provide a baseline for the frequency of your posts.

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