Your Guide on Mega Sale Days

With no exaggeration, online shopping has become a godsend to consumers in this pandemic. Shoppers expressed how online shopping kept them sane amid the stress of the new normal. In fact, online consumer activity increased due to lockdown, with top apps and websites experiencing an increase of more than 2 to 3 million visits per month. 

With these results, more businesses are going digital to keep up with the momentum. The Philippine government also expects e-Commerce to grow to 1 million vendors by next year. Moreover, online businesses involved in retail trade also grew to 80.2% this year from 70% in 2019 according to Trade and Industry Secretary Ramon Lopez. Companies should jump on this trend and take advantage of their target market’s move to digital for all of their necessities.

Online businesses involved in retail trade increased up to 80.2% in 2021 from 70% in 2019.

Coupled with this, Mega Sale Days such as 11.11, 12.12, and more have become the norm in Southeast Asia. 86% of consumers have reportedly bought products online during Mega Sale Days. 43% of these Mega Sale buyers also say that the Sale Days were the first time they made an online purchase.

86% of Internet users in South East Asia purchased items online during a Mega Sale event.

43% of Mega Sale day shoppers were first time online shoppers during these events.

Having your own Mega Sale Day is an excellent way for your business to gain more profit. Launching a sale gets you more clicks, exposure, and checkouts with so many users participating. It also keeps your brand relevant, especially during the pandemic.  

If you’re lost on how to start, use this guide to let your brand shine amid the competition! Read our e-Commerce guide on Mega Sale Days and boost your e-Commerce sales.

Determine All Targets Beforehand

Before you get started on your sale, look at the following targets:

  • Target market – Who are you talking to?
  • Target goal – What do you aim to achieve?

If you’re a business with multiple products with different audiences, a targeted approach may be ideal. Focus on a specific type of product and market it towards a particular demographic.

Aside from that, knowing your goals is also crucial. How many sales are you aiming for at the end of this campaign? How many units per item would you want to be sold? How much reach do you want to achieve? Whatever the case may be, determine your goals first, as it will dictate your strategy moving forward.

Be Aware of Popular Shopping Seasons

There are certain months of the year where shopping is at its peak. Namely, these are the -ber months (especially November and December) and summer months (March, April, May). 

The former is pretty much a given due to the long Christmas season culture in the Philippines.

Additionally, a Rappler survey found that nearly 55% of the respondents said that December is the peak shopping season, followed by November at around 24%. 

In the same study, it was found that most people still preferred shopping in-store. Despite this, debit or credit card owners still had respondents who expressed that they’d both shop in-store and online.

Around 55% of the respondents viewed December as the heaviest shopping month, followed by those who answered November at around 24%.

During the summer, shopping for beach and summer essentials is common. Travels are at their peak and much more frequent during this period.

Schedule your sales during the summer and Christmas rush to use these data to your advantage. Earn more reach and exposure for your brand. Remember, more exposure means a better chance at more checkouts.

Prepare the Logistics of Storing and Delivering Items

Online vendors have to hold things ready for delivery. Preparing these logistics is crucial in ensuring a smooth-sailing process during the sale. Whether you’re a big brand or a small business, a storage and delivery process is something you must have.

Employ e-commerce warehousing as a way to get on top of things. With a proper warehousing management system, you get a trained staff overseeing the following:

  • Inventory management
  • Item safety and security
  • Communication with different couriers
  • Tracking of shipped items

Of course, some may not opt to do this, especially tiny businesses starting at home. But as you grow, you’ll need it to keep up with the volume of items bought by customers. Moreover, if you continue to handle everything yourself, errors may happen. Be careful as one too many mistakes can negatively affect customer loyalty and brand image.

Come Up With Creative Ways to Promote Your Sales

These days, it’s no longer enough to announce that you’re having a sale. Many consumers now look for something fun and exciting on top of their online shopping. That’s why as a business, you need to get creative in your promotions to generate more customers and engagement.

Based on the 2020 Unboxing Singles Day study, 56% of Mega Sale Days shoppers said that Facebook was key to discovering the products they bought. 40% expressed that they want to participate in experiential marketing initiatives, such as games and giveaways. Social media promotions and giveaways should be part of your strategy moving forward.

56% of Mega Sale Day shoppers viewed Facebook as the key factor in them finding new items.

You should also use a less rigid and more human approach for promotions. In the study mentioned above, around 65% of the respondents claimed that influencers were critical in discovering new products. Moreover, 81% said they trust content made by creators they perceive as being similar to them.

65% of shoppers mentioned influencers as instrumental in them discovering new products.

81% of shoppers trust content from creators that they view as people similar to themselves.

Out with the old and in with the new. Ride on these popular promotional trends to get more eyes and clicks on your online sales event. Stand out among the tough competition by innovating your strategy.

Use the Element of Limited Availability

As you’ve noticed, sales and promos are, for the most part, not constant. Lots of promos are only valid for a certain period or a certain amount of people. Doing this tends to push consumers into rushing to buy items before the sale ends. This is the process of using limited availability to your advantage.

Execution of this can vary. You can make a sale that lasts for a day, a week, or a month only. You can even set it at a specific time during these days. These limits will urge more people to rush in and participate. It also adds an element of surprise, as the discounts aren’t a regular thing and only happen during certain seasons. Each sale may have different mechanics as well, keeping customers on their toes for the next deal.

Partner With a Digital Marketing Agency

Even with sufficient information and tips above for your reference, it’s understandably daunting to apply these without expertise. They can’t be learned overnight, and attempting to do so can adversely affect your business.

There’s no need to go into it alone. Partnering with a digital marketing agency is a wise option! This way, you can choose to focus on your areas of expertise while the agency does all the technical operations for you.

Maximizing e-Commerce selling to turn up more profit might seem like a tedious task to do. But with the proper methods and the right people, your business can take advantage of the e-commerce boom.  Follow this e-commerce guide for your online business, and you’ll have a foolproof marketing guide on Mega Sale Days.

How to get started? Our experts at LeapOut Digital are here to help guide you to success. Leave us a message now!