Ajinomoto Philippines Launches Web App to Help You Eat Well, Live Well

Ajinomoto Philippines Launches Web App to Help You Eat Well, Live Well

Ajinomoto Philippines launches a revolutionary web app to empower Filipinos in pursuit of healthier lifestyles through nutrition.

Ajinomoto Philippines is proud to announce the launch of its new web app, designed to help Filipinos achieve healthier nutrition and lifestyles. The new web app is an innovative nutrition help desk where users can get personalized meal plans and recipes based on their unique health information and lifestyle habits. 

The recipes featured on the web app come from Ajinomoto’s own Cookmunity website, where all the dishes are cooked with Ajinomoto products. With the web app, users get meal plans suitable to their dietary needs and preferences, enabling them to leap towards a better lifestyle. 

One of the most significant advantages of the Ajinomoto web app is its ability to cater to the diverse nutritional requirements of Filipinos. Utilizing this web app will improve people’s eating habits and, consequently, their lifestyle, contributing to the idea behind its creation—eating well to live well. To develop this groundbreaking application, Ajinomoto Philippines partnered with Leapout for its web and app development capabilities.  

In addition, Ajinomoto recognizes that for many Filipinos, there is limited access to expert dietary advice and wants them to be empowered with knowledge about nutrition. That’s why the app allows users to access resources such as personalized dietary recommendations and nutritional guidance from professional dietitians. This new web app is Ajinomoto’s way of helping them make better food choices so they can lead healthier lives. 

With the launch of this new web app, Ajinomoto is taking another step forward in helping Filipinos achieve healthier lifestyles through good nutrition. The application provides personalized meal plans, access to recipes, personalized dietary recommendations, and nutritional advice, all of which help Filipinos lead healthier lives. So don’t wait—create an account for free with the web app today and start eating well for a better tomorrow!