Discover the Power of CPM Benchmarks to Leverage Your Digital Ad Campaigns

Discover the Power of CPM Benchmarks to Leverage Your Digital Ad Campaigns

As a digital advertiser, have you ever felt like you’re fumbling around in the dark regarding your ad campaigns? Do you wish you could glimpse the strategies your savvy competitors use to stay ahead of the competition?

If so, you’re not alone. Without the right competitive intelligence, it’s challenging to gauge the actual effectiveness of your marketing efforts. You end up wasting precious budgets on campaigns that fail to connect with audiences.

Thanks to Semrush, Leapout Digital’s marketing analytics partner, companies can finally take a peek at what top players in your industry are doing. Through its collaboration with AdClarity, a digital advertising intelligence solution, the digital marketing analytics platform conducted a study on the CPM benchmarks covering 13 industries. The findings of this research serve as your guide to intelligent decisions about your advertising plans.

Keep reading to discover how understanding CPM (Cost Per Mille) benchmarks can transform your approach.

Importance of CPM Benchmarks

CPM represents the cost an advertiser pays per 1,000 ad impressions. It’s a crucial metric that reveals the effective allocation of your marketing budget and the efficiency of your marketing spend.

Yet, advertisers are often blind to the competitive CPM rates in their niche. They need more context to evaluate their campaigns or optimize their approach. 

According to Ervin Candido, Leapout Digital Paid Media Specialist, without proper benchmarking, companies could be:

  • Overpaying for inferior ad placements
  • Pouring money into underperforming formats
  • Missing out on vital demographic insights
  • Unable to negotiate better ad rates

This lack of visibility into the advertising landscape cripples your ability to compete. But fortunately, there is a solution.

“By leveraging CPM benchmark data, you can transform the effectiveness of your digital advertising,” Ervin added.


CPM Benchmark Study Findings

The partnership of Semrush and the marketing analytics firm AdClarity gave way to a study about CPM rates across 13 industries. The research examined ad spend and impression data from 956 top companies.

The findings reveal eye-opening insights: the Food Delivery industry has the highest CPM of $7.63. It is followed closely by the Travel industry with a CPM of $7.12, while the Finance sector averaged $6.52. 

Conversely, the Media sector has the lowest average CPM at $4.27, followed by Dating at $4.44.

These figures mean that if you’re in a high CPM industry like Food Delivery, you’ll need larger budgets to compete. But for Media or Dating, you may have more wiggle room to get creative in your approach.


Regarding CPM by ad media, the study found that video was the most expensive at over $9 per thousand impressions. Meanwhile, simple desktop display ads cost only $2.50.


Moreover, the study reveals the Ad Spend Distribution of industries. Among the 13 industries, Jobs is the biggest spender on Mobile relative to their ad budget (74.3%). Software-as-a-service (70%) allocates most of its ad budget to Desktop while Dating to inApp (47.0%).

Implications of CPM Benchmarks Findings

These benchmarks are game-changing. Let’s explore how you can apply them to optimize your ad investments.

Drive Interest by Elaborating on the Solution

CPM Benchmark data empowers you to make smarter budget decisions. Here are some of the key ways it can enhance your digital advertising strategy:

Compare Cost Efficiency by Industry

Knowing your industry’s typical CPM range helps you evaluate the competitiveness of your rates. This enables you to spot expensive placements and reallocate spend where you can get more traction.

Identify High-Performing Ad Formats

CPM data reveals information you can use to devise winning ad strategies. Recognize which formats engage your audiences best. Then, double down on those placements while phasing out underperforming ones.

Get Granular Insights on Audience Engagement

Seeing CPM differences across demographics and platforms provides clues into what resonates with your customers. With these data, you can refine your targeting and creative approach accordingly.

Negotiate Better Ad Deals

Arm yourself with benchmarks to negotiate the most cost-efficient CPM rates with individual publishers or ad networks. You don’t have to overpay when you know the industry average.

Continuously Optimize Campaigns

Regularly monitor your CPM over time and adjust strategies based on the competitive climate. Staying agile will keep your ad dollars working hard.

Create Desire by Spotlighting Benefits

It’s clear that leveraging CPM benchmark data delivers a strategic edge:

    • Get more impressions and reach per dollar spent
    • Make every marketing dollar work harder
    • Stay steps ahead of the competition
    • Drive higher ROI from your ad investments

Improve Your Ad Campaigns with Leapout Digital 

Now, you can unlock benchmarking insights to boost your marketing performance. You can access CPM data on your competitors’ ad campaigns using data from AdClarity through Semrush. With the AdClarity plugin, you can crunch these figures to get invaluable insights into your rivals’ strategies. Use them to refine your budgets, formats, targeting, and creative efforts to compete at the highest level.

While you can subscribe to Semrush for these CPM and other relevant data, you may need experienced professionals who can unlock relevant information about these numbers to gain the highest returns for your advertising efforts.

Leapout Digital has Paid Media experts who can help shed light on these data and provide the appropriate insights.  With Semrush as our partner, we provide accurate data that we use to get relevant insights into your paid media campaigns.  

Stop overpaying for lackluster ad placements. Start making more intelligent choices guided by data. Take control of your marketing dollars and put the power of CPM benchmarking to work for your business today.

Contact Leapout Digital today to achieve your CPM and other paid media goals. 



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