LeapOut Wins at the 2022 Bluehost Creators Awards

LeapOut Wins at the 2022 Bluehost Creators Awards

LeapOut’s Web Development Team, led by Tech Director Benedict Yee, is among the Expert Creator Winners at the 2022 Bluehost Creators Awards.

On January 12th, Bluehost kicked off its first annual virtual event to recognize and celebrate the amazing accomplishments of WordPress creators all over the world. This event is an excellent opportunity for developers, bloggers, business owners, and web designers to come together virtually and submit their best creations for evaluation.  

Benedict Yee and his team submitted their work for the Publicity Asia website, which placed them among the Expert Creator Winners for the year. They revamped the website, customizing it to make it responsive and visually appealing across all devices, expanding the content and making it SEO-friendly, and improving the design to create a remarkable customer experience. The team understands that for a PR agency, these elements are crucial for making a good impression, growing traffic, and generating conversions.

“This recognition comes after months of hard work and dedication from our team, and it’s an incredible achievement to have been chosen amongst so many talented creators. We’ve put our heart into transforming Publicity Asia’s web presence into a valuable asset that will help them build an even stronger brand, and this award proves that our efforts have paid off,” Mr. Yee shares. 

This award recognizes LeapOut’s commitment to providing effective digital marketing solutions by building websites that help its clients take their online presence to the next level. We are honored to be chosen as one of the Expert Creators in this highly competitive category. 

With this award, we hope to encourage more organizations worldwide to partner with us in their digital transformation journey to reach their goals faster than ever.

“We’re proud of the hard work we put into helping businesses reach their goals online. We look forward to continuing this journey and helping more companies succeed through our website development services.”