Must-have Digital Marketing Channels to Maximize your Results 

Must-have Digital Marketing Channels to Maximize your Results 

Must-have Digital Marketing Channels to Maximize your Results

In social media and pop-up trends, it’s hard to imagine how startup companies and small businesses compete with leading brands. After all, there’s no question these big names have the money and resources to strong-arm the online world in their favor.

Competing with big companies may seem like a huge hurdle, but the reality is today’s struggle isn’t much different from previous generations. If played right, small and mid-sized businesses can thrive against all odds. That includes putting their trust in a reputable digital marketing agency to back them up as they fight an uphill battle against aggressive competition.

What are digital marketing channels?

Digital marketing channels, to put it simply, are a collection of ways for businesses and digital agencies to reach their audience online. Unlike the old days, audience-sourcing and ads are the most commonly used methods. Now, digital marketing is the modern solution at a more affordable price.

But don’t get confused! There’s more to digital marketing than just internet ads. Over 4 billion people actively use the internet for their personal needs, making the web a perfect hub for finding potential customers that will react positively to your business.

Most popular digital marketing channels

For E-commerce Companies, the most popular digital platforms and services offered this 2022 are Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click Marketing, and Content Marketing.

Since the influence of social media is undeniable, it is no surprise that Social Media Marketing also ranks high among popular marketing channels. This digital marketing effort usually involves the management of social media platforms and publishing posts (static, videos, etc.).

Lastly, due to brands and companies prioritizing their online presence, web development and e-mail marketing services are also in demand.

It’s advantageous for businesses, no matter the industry, to employ effective digital strategies across all these channels. But if there’s a limited budget allotted, use the guide below to see which channels you should consider.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is one of the most popular channels used in digital marketing. It may come as an unfamiliar term to those new to online marketing and e-commerce, but for brands who want to stay competitive, knowing the basics of it is a must.

Search engine optimization

Essentially, SEO helps improve a website’s searchability through content optimization. One of its primary goals is to allow Google to crawl a website’s relevance to user searches and make it rank. The better the site is, the more likely it will end up as a top search result.

Another thing you need to know about SEO is it’s more focused on getting organic traffic. A website can get visitors from search results (through an effective SEO strategy) rather than paying for traffic through web ads. The best way to get such traffic is by using relevant terms or trending keywords to let people know that your website has what they need.

If you’re wondering how important SEO is in today’s climate, here’s a small tip: Huge conglomerates like the SM Group and Jollibee invest in SEO for all their properties despite being known brands. Why? Because online brand awareness is a never-ending battle. Thankfully, small businesses can at least go toe-to-toe with the big boys with the right SEO team and a bit of funding.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is essentially the art of creating web ads that appear on top of searches whenever a searcher inputs specific keywords.

Advertisers only pay the platform whenever someone clicks on their ad. It’s pricey to get into, but at least with PPC, you’re given control over how much you spend daily.

The best way to improve its success rate is to make sure you’re using visually appealing ads ranging from attractive ad copies to readable artwork or infographics.

Content Marketing

Blog posting is a viable way of improving website visibility by making your brand relevant with ongoing trends and news posts. For example, how do you get a cement brand to enhance its search engine visibility? By creating numerous blog posts on its main website!

Content Marketing

Content Marketing can take the form of written articles, videos, and original images. These can be sought after by interested folks who may or may not be potential customers for your brand. The better your content, the more likely your page will have an improved ranking in the search engine. Content marketing and SEO work hand-in-hand to ensure everyone knows your business is trendy and reliable.

Social Media Marketing

The best thing about social media marketing is that every trending platform is bustling with daily activity⁠— be it Facebook (Meta), Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, or others.

Users are always on the prowl for something new to read, and the fast-paced world of the internet has constantly conditioned them to look for updates about their hobbies and favorite brands.

Social Media Marketing

Marketers can improve their standing with the audience by being active on their social media pages. Better results come from pages that feel like they’re being handled by actual people rather than automated bots and scheduled social media posting. This marketing helps the brand stay trending and fresh, making it one not to underestimate.

Web Development

Web development isn’t just about making a working website: it’s the art of creating or renovating an online venue for your brand. It’s a channel for you to host your online store while using content marketing campaigns to boost its online visibility.

Web Development

For the best website design:

  • Improve first impressions by focusing on how your top landing pages look.
    • Make sure it’s themed consistently to your brand image.
    • Don’t go overboard in trying to make it stand out, but at the same time, don’t make it too simplified.
  • You need to prioritize making it responsive and user-friendly. Remember, you’re trying to attract customers accustomed to the speed of social media.
  • Create content that encourages users to stay on your website longer while reducing bounce or exit rates.
  • Don’t forget to secure it for your and your customers’ sake.

Digital marketing agencies often offer numerous web development services, but they vary between providers.

Email Marketing

Some web articles say email marketing is a dead art. The reality is that it’s still very much alive and kicking, albeit dealing with a few minor hurdles (see Apple’s Privacy Update 2022) along the way. One email blast can net you a HUGE return on investment because you’re sending newsletters and promo updates to people who willingly signed their email addresses up for it.

One sure-fire way of ensuring decent click and open rates in email marketing is to create content that doesn’t come off as a spam-looking advert. It should be informative and eye-catching. No one wants to be sold to unless they get a good deal out of it.

And even if your potential customers don’t buy anything listed in your email, there’s still a chance they’ll visit your website and give it decent desktop and mobile traffic.

All these digital marketing channels give businesses the upper hand in their respective industries. But remember, they’re only as good as the teams handling them. Make sure you strategize well with your people to ensure that the company makes the most of these channels’ capabilities.

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