Step By Step Questions To Ask Before Hiring a PPC Agency

Step By Step Questions To Ask Before Hiring a PPC Agency

Pay-per-click advertising, or PCC, is one of the most effective ways to advertise online. It can let you get fast results, whether you’re spending a lot or not. It’s also very convenient since you can start and stop your campaigns anytime. Plus, the most impressive thing about PPC is, of course, you are only charged by clicks and not by how many times people see your ad. With these clicks, you can drive traffic to your website can result to more leads, customers, and sales.

But to achieve successful results, you need to handle your campaign with a professional and experienced PPC agency. You also need to undertake a bit of research to choose the right agency. So before you decide, keep in mind these step by step questions and see how the agency responds. Here’s the list.

Ask about experience

This is the first important question to ask. Is the agency a Google Partner? Obviously, you want to know about the agency’s experience and their expertise on handling PPC campaigns. As a client, you have all the right to ask them about clients they have worked with, if they’ve had   successful campaigns, and why they look at is as such. Aside from their successful campaigns, ask them about those that did not work out, too, and what actions and resolutions they took. This gives you a good idea of how how the agency will response or take action in such situations.

Ask about the people

Now that you know the experience that the agency has, it is also advisable to ask who exactly will be working out on your campaign. Yes, the agency itself is a Google Partner, but are the  people working on the agency qualified? Ensure that the people have basic qualifications in digital marketing. Is the PPC specialist Google Ads Certified? The basic necessity to consider a agency is the accreditation in a specific field and as working on the PPC Campaigns, those individuals need to have Google Certification as well.

Ask their online advertising niche

Sometimes, just because someone is PPC expert doesn’t mean  they are also proficient in other kinds of clicks campaign. For instance, if your brand is an ecommerce business, then Google Shopping is the right online advertising  platform for you. You need someone who has a high skill level in this specific area. If the agency says that they are also experts in Google Shopping, ask them what percentage of their clients’ allocated toward Google Shopping versus standard PPC. In short, the agency must understand and achieve all the goals of your campaign. And  again, ask them what experience they’ve had with the platform.

Ask about their technical expertise

Part of a PPC campaign is having a user-friendly landing page of services or products  your brand offers . A high quality landing page can achieve a good conversion rate for your brand. In order to achieve this, you need  an agency with technical expertise in web design and development

Ask about the fee structure

Of course, we all want to know where our money goes. Same thing goes for the fee that you are spending for  your ads and the agency. Some agencies will take a percentage of the ad spend while others work off with a separate flat fee. One thing to make sure is that the fee that you are spending on your agency must not be higher than your ad spending. Typical agency fees (based on ad spend) range from 10-20 percent. Keep this figure in mind when it comes to fees.

Ask how they track and optimize result

You can conclude that you are with  a good agency when they can readily provide answers when it comes to tracking and optimizing the campaign. The agency must know metrics that affect the performance of the ad. This includes the search term result and negative keywords.

Search term is the exact word or set of words that a user enters when searching on Google . When the search term result is analyzed, you can get quality traffic from your PPC campaign. Every brand should analyze its search term report to determine what keywords will convert and what will not . Upon knowing the search term, it will be  easy to distinguish search terms that won’t convert for your business, also known as the negative keywords. If the agency is proactively adding negative keywords, then your campaign will reach the right audience for your brand, resulting in a successful campaign.

Ask about how they report data

When the campaign starts to run, it’s your right to know its exact status  What kind of reporting method does the agency use ? How often is the reporting? It is also important to take note about the metrics that they will show you. Analyze if the agency is able to provide  support t based on what you want to see, such as conversions, cost, interactions, and so on. From the people up to the software they use, you need to determine if their resources can cater to the goal you want to achieve for your campaign.

Final thoughts

By asking and knowing the answers to  these step by step questions, you can know decide  if the agency can deliver the right results for your brand. Analyze their answers based on your requirements and, once you have a clear understanding about PPC campaign, your brand and the agency are now on the right path towards meeting your goals.

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