The 5 Digital Marketing Cliches You Need to Break Up With

The 5 Digital Marketing Cliches You Need to Break Up With

While digital marketing in the Philippines might be a relatively new industry, it’s a booming, competitive sphere in the country. The field is notorious due to its fast-paced approach in business.

Hustling to get consistently fresh ideas can be tough, but breaking off cliches in your writing routine can be much harder. Read on how you can ditch the most overused tactics in digital marketing.

Empty taglines

Sound statements are the bread and butter of great marketing. Because if you don’t communicate your message precisely, what’s the point?

Adding overused buzzwords like “world-class”, “one-stop-shop”, or phrases like “built from the ground up” don’t add any flair. It’s time to do away with this practice and start phrasing your message based on the Golden Circle.

THE SOLUTION: Use the Golden Circle, a concept introduced by Simon Sinek that asks the What, How & Why of a business. When put to writing, it should emphasize your product or service’s importance. Be direct as if you’re speaking with a customer face-to-face and telling it how it is.

Crazy positivity

You heard that right: happy is the new trendy. From self-care geared items to Treat Yo’ Self activities and all that jazz, sporting positive energy has been all the rage lately. 

Companies even like to use giddy stock photos and other similar styles in an attempt to market emotionally. Emotional Marketing is a type of approach that taps into people’s feelings to attract, engage & delight their market.

THE SOLUTION: While emotions are one of the biggest drivers of our purchasing decisions, it doesn’t mean we’re happy all the time. An overly optimistic approach can sound more insincere than exciting. Brands thrive in conflict, AND it’s okay to point that out. Isn’t that right?

Content for content’s sake

Have you heard of the quote “Content is King?” Bill Gates coined this phrase in his essay in 1996. It’s an adage as old as time and still rings true for content marketers.

Despite the changing algorithms, continuously churning out content doesn’t mean you will reap great results. People no longer consume whatever content that catches their eye. They look for quality (whether they know it or not) with their impressive filtering skills.

THE SOLUTION: In the age of information, most consumers today know better and have ample access to info they don’t even know yet. With proper planning and effective collaboration with your teams, you can cultivate more valuable content that’s worth consuming. It also saves everyone’s time, effort and energy.

Spammy on the socials

Even if there are more than 50 social sites on the Internet, there is so much you can do with just a few apps. Brands are also okay with utilizing two to four platforms, but some make use of those channels poorly.

How? Imagine this: let’s say you have big news to share. There’s your family, your friends, and your SO. Would you break the news to your friend the same way you do it to your parents? Of course not.

THE SOLUTION: Each platform has a distinct personality with a well-established approach for its audience. Instead of going spammy on all socials, tailor your content to the strength of each platform. You can make it short and sick for Twitter, graphic-driven on the ‘Gram, or go long with good ol’ Facebook.

A one-style-fits-all model

Whether you have a startup or an established enterprise, reaching the Maturity Stage is part of a business life cycle. It’s a make or break situation that requires grit and creativity for brands.

Some choose to reinvent themselves with new positioning. Some would rather invest in emerging markets. Either way, it is crucial to not fall into giving false promises to your clients.

THE SOLUTION: Remember the “I have a solution for a company of any size or industry” pitch? It’s just bad as it sounds, folks. Each industry has its own needs and expectations, and it won’t be catered enough by your strategy no matter how universal it seems. So go ahead, scale away each segment with what fits them best!