The Importance of Meta Descriptions and How to Optimize Them

The Importance of Meta Descriptions and How to Optimize Them

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In the world of search engine optimization (SEO), meta descriptions are just as important as keywords and content quality. They are the short text paragraph that appears beneath the title of a search result. Their goal is to give searchers an idea of what to expect from their page, while search engines use them to determine their relevance to searchers around the world.

The unique text under the link introduces the core idea of your webpage in less than 160 characters.

Think of them as tiny little posters that tell people about your store. Sometimes, they are even used as Google search snippets (short page summaries) when deemed the most appropriate for the page.

Meta descriptions are essential for SEO because they can improve click-through rates (CTR) over time. As every SEO specialist in the Philippines should know, this leads to higher rankings on the search engine pages. Of course, while writing descriptions may seem like a small job, it’s best if you don’t underestimate it.

Well-written meta descriptions can garner a lot of clicks that can rival that of social sharing if done right.

How to write a high CTR Meta Description

Do you know the secret to writing good meta descriptions? You need to sell the idea of your landing page in less than 160 characters. Even if you have a lot to say, you don’t need to write a synopsis of what your page can do for everyone. Like everything connected to SEO, it’s about maintaining relevance without overdoing keywords and descriptions like a desperate salesman.

Can meta descriptions be the same as web page content?

Yes and no.

The search engine will pull the most relevant sentence on your page as the meta description if left blank. However, it’s still far better to spend a minute or two creating a specific meta description to improve your chances of getting a good rank. 

Know that good grammar, punctuation, and having a primary keyword can make a huge difference in how the search engine sees your web page.

What are some mistakes to avoid in writing meta descriptions?

And as always, make sure you’re writing for people, not bots!

While writing a simple meta description is easy, many people still mess it up because they underestimate it. Take your time thinking up a good meta description to reap the rewards once your page goes up. 

And if you want to try your hand at SEO, remember to avoid the following pitfalls:

Repeating your Title Tag 

Although you can use your web page content as your meta description, using your title tag is not recommended. Your meta description should be different from your title tag. Use your meta description as an opportunity to give potential visitors more information about what they can expect to find on your page.

Failing to include keywords

Meta descriptions are one of the few places on your website where you can include keywords relevant to your page content. Take advantage of this by having 1 to 2 keywords throughout your meta description. Just make sure to keep it short, especially if your keywords pack 70+ characters total.

Over or under the character limit

To put it bluntly, your meta description should be between 150-160 characters long. Anything shorter risks being cut off by Google, and anything longer will likely be ignored by potential visitors. Much like content writing for a general audience, the golden rule is to keep it short, clean, and informative. Don’t let potential visitors think they’re about to read a Wikipedia page’s worth of information.

Forgetting to proofread

As a rule of reputation, proofreading your meta descriptions is crucial. Typos and errors could turn potential visitors away from your site if you’re not careful. If you’re worried about these things in the fast-paced world of SEO, avail these services from an SEO company in the Philippines that can do the worrying and spell checking for you!

Writing for humans, not robots

A good meta description should be written for humans. Pandering to the almighty search engine can only get you so far. Focus on writing an engaging, accurate description of your page content that will interest potential visitors.

Are meta descriptions on mobile and desktop the same?

There are some ranking advantages to creating meta descriptions specifically for the mobile version of your site. For the most part, it’s a matter of optimizing the length of your title tag and meta description for the small screen. If 160 characters are the max for desktop descriptions, consider 70 or less for mobile. 

Creating great meta descriptions is just one way you can help improve your site’s visibility on Google and other search engines. But of course, it can’t win you the ranking you want on its own.

SEO experts in the Philippines can ensure that it does in conjunction with other things they can optimize in your website. 

In need of trustworthy SEO Services in the Philippines?  

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