Tips For A More Effective Programmatic Campaign

Tips For A More Effective Programmatic Campaign

According to an infographic by Koeppel Direct, over 60% of marketers employ programmatic ads for campaigns. Because programmatic ads can give you access to various data for better and optimized targeting, this makes it an effective way for marketers to promote their brands to the right people. However, this does not automatically mean your programmatic campaign will become successful. It takes years of expertise to master the inner workings of programmatic display and make successful campaigns. 

While launching an effective programmatic campaign may seem complicated, here are tips to make it easier so you can yield better results for your campaign. 

Determine and segment your audience 

First and foremost, a programmatic campaign must have a segmented audience. This refines your ad groups and also improves your audience targeting. Audience segmentation in a programmatic campaign needs to be highly detailed so your ads can target the right audience. This, in turn, will give you more conversions, since you’re more likely to target audience groups that are actually interested in what your brand offers. 

Keep track of audience behavior

Thanks to the the capabilities of programmatic to track audience behavior, you can make optimal ad buying decisions. It is important that you understand when, where, why, and how your audience converts so you can know the best way to run your ads, and keep improving them in the future. For example, if your audience tends to go online at around 3-4 in the afternoon, it may be best to increase the ad frequency at this time to increase the likelihood of these potential targets converting. Check with your data management platform to see if you can get these insights to create a more optimized programmatic campaign. 

Create engaging and appealing content 

Of course, using data alone is not enough to create a successful campaign. You must also have creative, engaging, and appealing content for your target audience segments. It’s best to have multiple creatives that have messages tailored to each audience segment. Customize your creatives to make use of different channels and device features, that way, you have creatives made to appear in certain devices and channels. You can even use Dynamic Creative Optimization platforms (DCO) as these can drive better engagement by dynamically swapping out components of an ad in real time. 

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Run campaigns across devices 

Running a programmatic campaign across several devices is a good way to hit multiple audience segments, in terms of the devices they use. You can create dynamic ads with HTML5 that can run across different screen sizes. For tracking and measuring conversions across different channels, you can use cross-device attribution vendors, like Tapad. Lastly, when running campaigns in multiple devices, you should determine if deterministic matching, probabilistic matching, or a combination works best for your campaign goals. 

Monitor campaign performance 

Last but definitely not the least, you should always thoroughly monitor your campaign’s progress and performance. Not only does this help you know the results of your campaigns, it also helps you make the necessary changes to optimize your campaign for better performance. To effectively track your campaign performance, test your ads as soon as they go live and conduct ongoing ad testing. Adjust budgets and creatives for better real-time performance of your ads. 

There’s a lot that goes into making a programmatic campaign as effective as you want it to be. It’s definitely not an easy process, and requires a combination of platform data, critical thinking, and expertise in various digital marketing platforms. That is why brands often seek the help of digital marketing experts for a successful programmatic campaign. When you have the right people running your programmatic campaign, you are sure to have great results. 

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