Top 15 Filipino E-commerce Brands Made with Shopify

Top 15 Filipino E-commerce Brands Made with Shopify

As the Philippines’ economy grows, so does its e-commerce sector. By 2023, it is expected to reach $7 billion in value. This means that more and more Filipino businesses are turning to online platforms to sell their products and services and utilizing the services of Shopify e-commerce SEO experts

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You can also take inspiration and learn from these 15 Filipino e-commerce stores made with Shopify.

15. Toby’s Sports

Toby’s Sports has various product groups, presenting them by category, type, or any way you wish to browse their products. Are you looking for products specific to women? Do you want to check out items on sale? Or do you want to browse shoes by brand? The website is organized in a way that anticipates how customers might want to view products and makes navigation easy for them. 

14. Vamos

We Got You Covered—this is the headline at the top of the Vamos website. And this is reflected in the way the products are categorized. The website is effortless to navigate, and you can search by brand, tops, bottoms, or sport. 

13. Boozy

Boozy makes liquor shopping easy and fun. It lays out its offerings for quick navigation and lists the categories neatly at the top of the page. Moreover, it has a wide selection of liquor in stock. Customers not looking for anything specific will have fun browsing the selection. 

12. Capital 

Capital has a simple and straightforward design. It immediately shows new arrivals, trending items, and suggested products without overwhelming the customer with too many options. A remarkable feature is their Instagram shop which is creatively presented like magazine pages showcasing their best products. 

11. Mandaue Foam

Mandaue Foam has evolved from being a foam company to a home store, and they have made this very clear in their e-commerce store. Apart from explicitly stating it on their home page, their website makes it easy for customers to immediately see their various product categories at the top of the page, ranging from furniture to decor to garden items. This highly encourages customers to explore various products other than their foam. 

10. EasyPC

EasyPC has an online shop that matches its name. Apart from computers, it sells computer parts, accessories, and other hardware. 

Customers can easily browse by category and view new arrivals and top recommendations. Information is presented in a straightforward manner so visitors can easily see payment methods, prices, and customer feedback, making their shopping experience hassle-free and convenient.

9. Uratex

Uratex welcomes its e-commerce store visitors with its special offer and featured mattresses, followed by bedroom essentials and bestselling mattresses. Even if the shop also sells other home items, the website clearly focuses on the brand’s specialization, making it an even more credible and recognized brand. 

8. Southstar Drug

Southstar Drug does not just sell medicines and other health products; it also provides online services, such as MedSubscribe, that make it easy for its customers to reorder and maintain their medication schedule or health practices. The website also puts its latest updates and announcements on its homepage carousel banner, making it easy for customers to learn information that may be relevant and helpful to them. 

7. Our Home

Our Home prides itself on selling home items with great designs, which is quite apparent in the website’s overall look. The website theme, the interior design in the images, and the featured items all add up to a cohesive look that creates a classy, elegant feel that the shop wants its customers to experience. All of these elements work together to inspire visitors to browse further and increase the likelihood of them actually shopping for items. 

6. ShopSM 

ShopSM’s wide range of products makes it an excellent choice for those looking for a one-stop shop for all their shopping needs. In addition, the shop’s affordable prices and free shipping make it a great option for budget-conscious shoppers. 

5. Baby Company 

Baby Company has taken a very customer-centric approach in building its e-commerce store. Everything is laid out in a straightforward and easy-to-use manner. It’s also apparent that the shop has anticipated customers’ expectations, such as items on sale, varied payment options, and featured brands, placing them where customers can easily find them. 

4. Toy Kingdom

Toy Kingdom is a leading online store for children’s toys. It has a wide variety of products to choose from, including traditional toys, educational materials, and electronic gadgets. Various categories are listed for easier browsing and selection, whether the customers are looking for gifts, educational toys for their children at home, or ideas for activities using toys. 

3. Pet Express

Pet Express is an online dog & cat shop dedicated to providing pet parents with the best shopping experience. It offers a wide selection of products, often at discounted prices. But what sets Pet Express apart is the convenience it provides to pet parents who want to avail of their onsite veterinary, pet grooming, and pet boarding services. The online shop includes a list of prices and services they can view before heading to Pet Express.

2. Sports Central

Sports Central has a good selection of sports and fitness apparel from big brands. Its website design is clean and professional, making everything easy to find and navigate. This makes it more convenient for customers to see what they’re looking for and make a purchase. 

1. Kultura Filipino 

Kultura is an online store celebrating Filipino culture, heritage, and craftsmanship. It offers a wide range of locally made products inspired by Filipino traditions, including clothing, accessories, home decor, and more, making it a great place to shop for anything Filipino. Because of its specialized offerings, Kultura has made itself very distinct from other shops. 

Consider taking inspiration from these stores as you start with your e-commerce store. For example, ensure that your store is easy to navigate, like Sports Central and the Baby Company.  Like Kultura, you should have a unique or distinct feature or selection that makes you top of mind in your respective category. These are just some ways you can use these shops as a benchmark to ensure your e-commerce store becomes successful. 

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